Planning a trip to Seoul? Follow the article for a complete guide

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Are you planning to visit Seoul in South Korea and travel the web looking for all the information you need to prepare for your trip to the country of calm morning? If you decide to leave for a few days, you are probably wondering what are the palaces or museums not to be missed. In which good restaurants you will be able to eat? In which neighborhoods to lodge to be able to explore everything without having the impression to seek to break speed records? So to help you, we have concocted a detailed 5-day itinerary that will undoubtedly allow you to discover the main places of interest and authentic corners of this modern and incredibly lively capital. If during your trip to Seoul you also plan to discover other places in South Korea, I invite you to visit this page called Traveling in South Korea. In order to book the best and the most professional hotel and air tickets you can always check airpaz.

The Most Unusual Hotel in the Seoul

Kimchi and rice bowl, let’s go!

In the program of this comprehensive guide, all you need to know to visit Seoul. The various themes related to a city trip to Seoul will be discussed in this guide: what to do in Seoul, where to eat in Seoul, accommodation in Seoul, how to get around Seoul. All topics concerning a trip to Seoul will be discussed later in this post. Nevertheless, if you have any other questions during the preparation of your city trip to Seoul, do not hesitate to comment on this post. I will answer your questions with pleasure! In addition, these questions / answers may be useful for other readers of the blog who plan to visit Seoul! Having really enjoyed my travels in Seoul, I intend to return to South Korea and Seoul. One thing is certain, the city is full of so many wonderful and interesting places to visit that you will not be able to do everything.

Go To Seoul: Flight to Seoul

To reach Seoul from France, you can opt for Air France or Korean Air if you want a direct flight. This will certainly not be the least expensive solution, but direct flights to Seoul help avoid accumulating additional fatigue. If your main criterion is the price of the ticket for Seoul, I advise you to turn to a flight comparator. For my part, I often use two different comparators to find a flight at the best price. I make a first search with Google’s comparator, Google Flights, which is certainly one of the best at the moment. Then I compare the results with a second comparator, Budget Air. This comparator also gives very good results and you can book directly on the site in a few clicks! A comparator should give you many results to get to Seoul. The cheapest flights often run around 400 euros with stopover.